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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Myanmar - Burma - Muslims, Killings - Genocide!!!!! "IRONY"

Muslims being slaughtered
Even when a person starts to think about what is happening in Myanmar, also known as Burma, especially in this 21st century one is left with utter humiliation, sorrow and disgust. Such hatred, massacre, genocide, annihilation, brutality, burning of Mosques and People alive, and fanaticism against people who have no offence, no crime but the fact that their identity, their existence is denoted by this 6 letter word M-U-S-L-I-M. 
Left High and Dry

Muslims are just 4% of the entire Burmese population, what threat could they pose with such a small representation? After 49 years of dictatorship is this the so-called fruit of democracy? 

And LOOK who is doing this? The Buddhists led by their Monks! Unbelievable but true. The central governments, the police force, other law enforcement agencies all are just silent observers. More than 500 Muslim villages have been incinerated; they kill scores of Muslims in just a few hours in Meikhtila and in Rohingya, burn dozens of Mosques, kidnap girls, behead and burn the families and their homes. And who’s responsible? Off all the corrupt, sadistic, brutal people on Earth, the monks, the Buddhists who until a few years back were hailed as one of the most peace loving human beings.  

What an Irony!!!! 
As if humility was not much ashamed, and brutality hadn’t reach its height, and the word P-E-A-C-E not enough ridiculed the criminal silence of the Nobel PEACE prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, over this mass killings seems too mysterious and heinous.

And who can forget the torch bearers of Peace, The United Nations, and the Great Eight Nations, who’s best and most used word seems to be Terrorism have altogether forgotten its usage in the context of Myanmar killings. It’s preposterous how we alter and change our attitudes for some whom we want to support and some whom we don’t. Why only Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan and others of the same league?? Why this prejudice?

What makes animal an animal is its inability to think, its ferociousness, absence of humility and mind you, there is a very fine line that makes us apart from them. Don't you think that line is being crossed so often these days??     

They talk about equality, peace, and humility and I wonder who have given them this right to define it for us? They have lost their eligibility, ability and perhaps their integrity. I wonder whether we are going forward towards growth and development or backwards towards animalism. I wonder how and when we would learn our lessons.
Is it religion? Was it always religion? Would it always be religion? Think About it!!!        


Dreaming Wanderer. said...

The situationin Burma is terrifying.. The whole world has turned a blind eye towards those poor souls. Buddhists preaching peace and solace are committing monstrous atrocities.. And the world watches like dumb n deaf zombies.

The mighty powers of the West, the US, UK and their puppet the UN, have been actively involved in capturing and over powering countries in order to bring justice to the countries in the mislay and South America.. Y dont they interfere here?

What about the muslim nations? They too are hand in hand with the West. Indebted to their greens.

The fate of Muslims all over the world lies in the hands of the ruling powers of that region. With the middle east itself in a turmoil, there is no one to look towards, no one to help. May god send some respite to the innocents all over the world.

Dreaming Wanderer. said...

You have brought out the grave scenario very aptly.. Good work.. Su Kyi has stayed mum over this issue as well as the Palestine issue. They are all paid puppets of the West, including the media. It is only upto social media to spread true the message across the world. Keep it up!