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Sunday, January 10, 2016

O Lord!!

To cry
To beseech
To ask for
To anticipate
To earnestly wait for
All in Your Love
All in Your name
To pray like never before
To pray and feel your presence
With Tears in my eyes
With a pounding heart
With pure, unblemished, unequivocal belief
With purity like never experienced before
To feel you are listening
To know you are there
To realise your Greatness, Magnificence, Power
To realise my Weakness, Helplessness, Impiousness
To know with certainty the reason of my raised hands
And to realise that solitude has at last perished
And that I am not alone......

O Lord! Make this servant of yours realise it....


Friday, October 30, 2015

The past King !

I long for the past times,
I long for the past sentences.
I miss what I missed,
I yearn for what I had;
From seconds to minutes,
From minutes to hours.
How beautiful it was,
How eternal it was.
Here I am, the lost being
Here I am, the past King


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Myanmar - Burma - Muslims, Killings - Genocide!!!!! "IRONY"

Muslims being slaughtered
Even when a person starts to think about what is happening in Myanmar, also known as Burma, especially in this 21st century one is left with utter humiliation, sorrow and disgust. Such hatred, massacre, genocide, annihilation, brutality, burning of Mosques and People alive, and fanaticism against people who have no offence, no crime but the fact that their identity, their existence is denoted by this 6 letter word M-U-S-L-I-M. 
Left High and Dry

Muslims are just 4% of the entire Burmese population, what threat could they pose with such a small representation? After 49 years of dictatorship is this the so-called fruit of democracy? 

And LOOK who is doing this? The Buddhists led by their Monks! Unbelievable but true. The central governments, the police force, other law enforcement agencies all are just silent observers. More than 500 Muslim villages have been incinerated; they kill scores of Muslims in just a few hours in Meikhtila and in Rohingya, burn dozens of Mosques, kidnap girls, behead and burn the families and their homes. And who’s responsible? Off all the corrupt, sadistic, brutal people on Earth, the monks, the Buddhists who until a few years back were hailed as one of the most peace loving human beings.  

What an Irony!!!! 
As if humility was not much ashamed, and brutality hadn’t reach its height, and the word P-E-A-C-E not enough ridiculed the criminal silence of the Nobel PEACE prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, over this mass killings seems too mysterious and heinous.

And who can forget the torch bearers of Peace, The United Nations, and the Great Eight Nations, who’s best and most used word seems to be Terrorism have altogether forgotten its usage in the context of Myanmar killings. It’s preposterous how we alter and change our attitudes for some whom we want to support and some whom we don’t. Why only Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan and others of the same league?? Why this prejudice?

What makes animal an animal is its inability to think, its ferociousness, absence of humility and mind you, there is a very fine line that makes us apart from them. Don't you think that line is being crossed so often these days??     

They talk about equality, peace, and humility and I wonder who have given them this right to define it for us? They have lost their eligibility, ability and perhaps their integrity. I wonder whether we are going forward towards growth and development or backwards towards animalism. I wonder how and when we would learn our lessons.
Is it religion? Was it always religion? Would it always be religion? Think About it!!!        

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Human Being as the Guest house!!!

There were some very important and crucial thoughts that I wished to share......The following is a masterpiece of 'Rumi' that elaborates more than what I had wished..

It's the question of our insight and perception that defines who we are.....
And how we need to understand and be understood...
both to a very large extent, are in our control and not in anyone else's.......

Sunday, October 19, 2014


"They wander in chaos from within,
  Like a crowd in despair,
  Their gait makes others stun!
  For how can someone be in so much fear? 
  Of losing pride, lust, luxury and ease,
  Of this finite, unworthy, and failing world!
  Cognizant that everything would cease,
  Leaving nothing but what is wished by God.
  How bad bargain they make?
  Wishing for the finite foregoing the eternal.
  Ironic is it!
  For they have embraced eternal defeat;
  Still their thirst does not quench!"

(A message for all to realize not simply 'understand')


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Long Journey....

There is this mountain where I stand. I can see another in front of it. It’s so dark out there that by the light of moon I can only make out its silhouette. It’s too far from where I stand and is separated by a vast abyss. Standing at the edge I can feel there is nothing in between them; a stone that I roll down from my feet fast disappears somewhere deep into nothing.

What I can see is this bridge of wooden steps held by strong ropes. I can see it starts from my place but darkness envelopes its destination. Few of the wooden steps are dangling in air while some are missing. My intuition makes me believe that it would lead me to the mountain I can barely see. There is sinister silence everywhere. This mountain is horrific, terrorizing and fearful. It’s repulsive. I shout only to listen to the echo of my voice.

I can’t go back. The distance I have traversed is colossus, going back would be suicide. Moving forward is my only hope and choice.

Soon this realization also dawns on me that I am on own. I have never felt so insecure and lonely. But haven’t I traveled all alone this far? There were few acquaintances but none of them could make it up till here.

Seeing what is ahead, for the first time I fear solitude. It’s been a very tiring and cumbersome journey. But I can’t stand here; for me Life is to proceed further while waiting is death.

Accumulating all my energies and emotions I hold the ropes of the bridge and place my first step. I can feel the wind thrust across…….

(To be continued…….)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Lord.....the All-Supreme!

Doesn’t feel, hear, and see like I do…
Is in no way vulnerable, helpless or dependant by any of those attributes or qualities that makes ME

vulnerable and dependant…..
He is Majestic, All Powerful, All Knowing, All Seeing.....

 He is my Creator, He knows me better than anyone….
He is closer to me than anyone….
NO one can describe Him better than Himself………I may use words of my own, but all this is insufficient to describe HIM who has Himself created me….
His is all the Planets, all Universes and everything that is in it…
When I see the Sky, The Mountains, and the Oceans…….it makes me feel The Deity who has made me….He is No less….
HE is closer to me than my Jugular vein, for HE is God who has No limits, No Boundaries, No Hindrances to reach His Creation…..without Him this System of the entire Universe wouldn’t have ever worked…..
It works because He wishes So…
He knows my feelings, my desires, my sins, my deeds, everything
Do I know Him???

Yes, Yes and Yes……my Heart Feels Him.....and it Earnestly Desires to See Him in the Last Day, in The Hereafter!!  

The feeling, the Firm Belief (a belief that precedes all our actions) that WE are Only dependent and answerable to Him; that in the Hereafter we shall be Questioned and punished or rewarded accordingly… the Height of Faith that makes  a Common man Wise because this Sums up the Purpose of Mankind……